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Oh wow Didnt know I still had this

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Many years ago I use to play Dark Age of Camelot. Over a period of time I created a story involving people in my guild.
As time went on other people in the guild kept wanting to put them in the story too, so please excuse the number of characters.
OH my character was Rokar
PS unfortunately I appear to have lost the final parts. (each part came out randomly) If you wish to read it here it is

Part 1

A twig snapped.
"Bah! I can't get this damn fire lit.", Raziel threw down a flint and sat heavily upon the cold ground.
Ceciel looked up from his freshly sharpened knife, "You'd better or we'll all freeze to to death this night." Ceciel turned his head . "Has the earth given up any clues yet Captain?"
"No, it is cold and silent.", Dragonheart rose from the ground and brushed off her hands. " I have half a mind to give up on this fools errand."
Ceciel stood and approached his captain. Standing close he said "You know we can't. I don't know what possessed Brylath to take the scabbard but you know he is one of us, and it falls to us to find him."
Dragonheart looked into Ceciel's eyes knowing that he spoke true. Suddenly a loud crack and curse word broke the air. Ceciel turned from his leader to see Raziel lying on his back. Ceciel marched over to
Raziel, "What are you doing with that fire? Give me that flint".

With a half smile on her lips Dragon turned away from her two companions and again inspected the snow-covered earth. What had made Brylath take the holy scabbard from the keep? He was a Friar of the holy order, and while somewhat unauthordox he was always true to albion and her company. So what would have made him take the Scabbard to the enemies of Albion? Dragon turned her mind once more to the earth, pleading it to tell its secrets. She was a theurgist, an elemenlist mage of the highest order, her speciality was earth she should be able to read the ground as one would read a book; she felt sure something or someone was hiding Bry's presence from her. A light breeze stirred the snow and the dirt moved and swirled. Dragon's eyes widened as she saw Bry struggling through a deep forest surrounded by low scrub and brambles. He looked in a bad way his face was filthy and his robes torn and ragged. She could hear no sound bit it seemed that he was talking to himself and it looked as if he was in tears. He struggled forward, falling occasionally but he always rose once more and continued dragging a heavy pack behind him. Dragon felt an ever so slight pull to the North, then( like a door shutting fast in her face) the image disappeared.

Dragon stood and turned to find her guildmates standing around a merrily burning little campfire looking quite pleased with themselves. "Put that out! We ride through the night. Bry is far from us and we must get out of these highlands."
"You have seen him captain?", spoke Raziel
Dragon nodded her head towards Raziel, "Yes, the earth finally spoke to me. He moves north"
"He makes for Hadrain's Wall?" said Ceciel stepping forward.
Dragon turned towards the looming snow capped peaks in the distance. "It would appear so. Enough talk we ride!"
Instantly Raziel kicked out the fire and collected what belongings they had removed from the're mounts. They pulled themselves onto they're steads. They dung their heals in. The horses snorted and shook their heads in protest but they leap forward all the same. Down an embankment and into the the night they went ducking and weaving as they rode. Dragon's hair pin had come loose with the hasty departure and her blond was hair streamed out behind her. She knew it was dangerous to ride thus on a moonless night but she had a deep feeling that Bry was in trouble and she wasn't about to abandon her friend to his fate. To her left she could hear Ceciel shouting in prayer and to her right Raziel's curses. She again gave her horse a slight kick and urged it on. "Hold Brylath, hold, we are coming."
If you want the next part let me know... Wont fit in one post

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