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The Fallen Angel Campaign

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So as a new DM and a newer member to fantasy grounds i started a campaign similar to the new Acquisitions Incorporated episodes we decided to start the characters at level 3 so it wouldn't be such a grind for our first play through.. The Players were paid as mercenaries to raid the Dwarven Enclave Dron vault and steal a precious gem their unknown employer asked them to steal. They were to keep deaths to a minimum or leave no survivors what so ever. They were to be paid 1,000 gold and be allowed to keep anything else they stole along the way or 5,000 if they committed genocide to the Dron clan. The vault would have multiple layers of security including Iron and bronze golems, a set of switched to extend a bridge that would allow you to get to the vaults which rotated positions every hour, an magically charged generator that would put an electric fence on the vaults doors, and a magic mouth which had to be given a password which changed depending on the day.

Icaras Windbreaker (a Wind Genasi played by my brother) and Daven (a .human Monk played by his friend) while on the way to the dwarven enclave found a demon, Arellu barring their path and were offered help in stealing the gem by giving them a keg of the Draught of Sleep to put all the dwarves to sleep if they would give the gem to her. They refused and she sicked her demon panther on her. The heros were eventually able to overcome this powerful beast and skinned the beast for a powerful pelt with unknown magical powers. Not soon after they were held up by 2 foot tall gnome bandits trying to rob them. Icaras was able to cast thunderwave and wipe out all but one of the gnomes who was feisty and could not be intimidated by anything but began bragging he knew the passwords of the magic mouth. Being very small he was able to sneak into the enclave and steal from the kitchen from time to time and he explored and found the passwords on the enclave's desk. They were able to bribe the Gnome who they named Dobby to give them passwords for a 5 pound block of cheese.

After arriving at the enclave they pretended to be high ranking officials of the Dumass Industry looking to open up a vault. After being shown the many exclusive security measures they had were taken to a guests bedroom with a guard stationed on the outside of their door.
Their room was right next to the generator that was powered by 4 stone obelisks. So they were able to slowly and quietly chip away at the stone and create a small hole where they could see through and Icaras castes Shatter to blow up the obelisks and kill the guards on it. He was successful on killing only 1 guard and the Enclave was on High alert for the remainder of their stay.

Their guard then gave them a tour of the whole enclave later that day and showed them that since they were so far down they had to artificially produce oxygen down here by growing their own trees. Daven was able to mark the rotating switches with chalk to mark their positions and learn the rotations.

They had a problem as they had no way into the vault without completely murdering everyone so they were stumped as to what their next move was to be. Icaras wanted to burn the trees but Daven wanted to poison the trees water supply. But neither of them knew how to get passed all the dwarves. As they were arguing the demon Arellu appeared and once again offered the Draught of sleep and this time the heroes had to accept since they had no other plans.

Meanwhile as Daven was poisoning the ale supply of the dwarves Icaras had snuck into the enclave leaders bedchamber and stole a precious heirloom Helmet that had been in the Dron family for nearly 1,500 years. The Dron were enraged when they found and chased Daven and Icaras from the enclave and the 2 were able successfully escape into the forest nearby and nearly half of the enclave followed their leader out of the enclave into what they believed to be a pursuit of the thieves.

The 2 heroes went back into the enclave and found all of the dwarves fast asleep and went quick to work breaking into the vault. Daven was able to easily extend the bridge wince he had previously marked the switches with the chalk. They arrived to find the vault they wanted to get into guarded by 2 bronze golems and 1 iron golem. The fight was close with some well timed heals from Daven and some "tactical retreats". (Cowards) And they spoke the password given to them by the gnome to the magic mouth and were able to enter the vault.

They began looting everything they could see it was stacked to the walls with gems and gold and in the back corner they found an obsidian gem that once they touched knew it was the one they were looking for without knowing its power. As they were guessing what it could do the demon Arellu appeared and told Daven to hand over the Gem. Not wanting to hand over something this powerful and not wanting to break his oath he asked if the demon was his ally. She said yes with high hopes of getting the gem. And in that moment Daven used his Potion of Stat Swap (This is a potion that i made since Daven had rolled really bad stats and i thought it could be a really funny item that he could use to troll Icaras since he didint know he had it and swap stats, health and all, for 2 hours.. I had no idea he would swap stats with an enemy he tricked into calling him an ally.) He then was able to 2 hit her with her tiny 12 health but and the began stabbing himself multiple times to bring himself to 0 since he would eventually swap health back with the demon and he would die regardless.

It was close and didnt look like he was going to make it.

Roll 1: Fail
Roll 2: Success
Roll 3: Success
Roll 4: Fail
Roll 5 with tensions high: ..... Success

Daven was able to stabilize and live another day.

On their way out of the enclave they decided to burn the trees and cut off the oxygen supply to the enclave and claim a higher reward and they would trick their employer with a gem that didnt contain the power the mysterious gem held.

As they left the enclave they saw a burning village from where they came and knew the dwarves had burned down the village they had come from and had committed near genocide without being able to get paid for it.

"At least the 80 or so dwarves that chased us for the heirloom lived." Daven Said
"I feel bad i'm going to leave the heirloom on the ground and leave a note telling them not to go back in unless they want to die." Icaras told.

And they went east away from the genocide and burned down village they had caused.

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