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Rob2e's "Fantasy Grounds - The Experience!"

Unknow Whom adventure complete!

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It's done!

I have completed work on my 5E adventure for level zero to 3 characters.

Unknown Whom
A level zero to 3 adventure

This uniquely styled adventure involves players starting out with little information about the characters they will play. No characters are prepared in advance. This is a nonstandard method of play. Player characters only know their names, ability scores, race, and background. This adventure was created to give the feeling we got as kids just starting out with D&D. It will be great for new players and seasoned vets alike. Let the chaos beginů

Available at the DMs Guild which includes the free Fantasy Grounds module!


For those that partake, I'd love to know what you think.


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  1. Minty23185Fresh's Avatar
    What a fun concept.
    This dovetails completely with my DM style: "ya gotta figure it out, ya don't just divinely know things...", whether it be magic items, effects, and now youself!
    Our group is in the middle of PotA, but down the road a little, I think we'll give it a go. Thanks Rob2e.
  2. rob2e's Avatar
    Glad you like the idea. Hope it's fun for you and your group. Already working on a sequel and perhaps, one day, an entire campaign world. That's a tall order though.
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