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I really need to do more regular updates than once every couple of weeks. It has been a wild two and half weeks though, filled with a pile of good news and one tiny tidbit of not quite good news - but not really bad news either.

So first that one piece of "bad" news; until at least the end of August I have very limited availability for gaming during the night time hours and occasional time during the day. I have been working with an occupational therapist to re-acclimatize myself socially to large groups and crowds, starting in controlled reasonably controlled situations. I have been outside my "comfort zone" more in the last 15 days than I have in the last 18 months combined. Enough about that for now.

I am still excited about Weird Wars Rome being released. It was a really cool learning experience from start to finish. I still find it a bit weird that I put together something people are actually willing to pay for. I have only been told about one error in the module so far, not something game breaking but definitely annoying so I will be correcting that. My biggest mistake though was not having another set of eyes look it over before submitting it to SmiteWorks.

Work on a theme to be included as an update is still progressing at about the speed of a really fast snail. Not quite sure why but I find theme creation way more difficult for me to grasp. It could be that I totally went about it the wrong way - sort of a trying to run before I can walk situation.

So now that I have gotten everyone to read through that stuff, onto what I know everybody is waiting to hear. Work on the Winter Eternal conversion is complete. Both parts of the module, the Player's Guide and GM's Guide, are in Eric Lamoureux's hands for review. Pending any edits required it will be submitted at the end of the long weekend. I am positive I found any issues when I went over it...but I felt the same way after completing Weird Wars Rome.

Both Winter Eternal and Weird Wars Rome took me about two months to complete, with 7-10 days of actual work time devoted to each one. Pretty sure I can knock a couple weeks off that, either way it definitely been an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Already looking forward to the next project...and I actually still have no idea what it will be yet.

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  1. Talyn's Avatar
    Good deal!

    I've looked at a few themes and it seems fairly straight-forward in terms of the XML, other than XML being a pain in the butt to write and keep track of. I'm just not a graphic artist so I'd have to hit someone up to that for me, in which case I'd be out the money to pay them for their work. I'd certainly contact the actual publisher and content creators of the book I was converting to ask for their original art though, or if the artist was willing to help. Some of the PDFs have nice backgrounds that would be nice for a theme but PDFs are portrait view and monitors are landscape and without an actual artist and/or the original art, I'd just screw it up trying to stretch it out.

    Good luck with the occupational therapy!
  2. Minty23185Fresh's Avatar
    Congrats on Winter Eternal and Weird Wars Rome. I look forward to updates regarding their success.
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