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A Whole lot of different things going no this week

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I spent the first few days this week messing around with the Weird Wars Rome theme extension that +Eric Lamoureux sent me a while ago. I did manage to get it working to a point. Some of the frames aren't using the correct images yet, the fonts on the side bar need some work, tab icons are either not being used or not there. Of course, I am doing it the hard way and floundering a bit at it.

The screen shot below shows what it is looking like at the moment. As you can see, it still requires some work.

Attachment 14114

If I had half a brain in my head I would start slowly and add more pieces as I got a handle what the various XML files and lua scripts do. Never claimed to be that intelligent though, so there is a lot of "what happens if I change this?" going on. Still learning, maybe just not as well or as quickly.

I also made some more changes here on my G+ blog, mostly because the good idea fairy shows up...then I am like "Oooohhh shiney!" I am slowly getting the blog site to where I am happy with it. Overall, its not that bad for something I'm not paying for.

Last weekend, I played in my first game in the Shaintar setting with +Stephen Dragonspawn for the GM. It was a blast, a whole of nice rolls were made by the other players...not so much by me. Shaintar is a "bit" more of a high fantasy setting. Now I have only read enough of the Player's Guide to create my character, but one of the things that bugs me with this setting in Fantasy Grounds is that the experience ranks don't correctly show on the little character summary. My first actual dabble into the realm of extension creation was to come with something to fix that. This one was surprisingly easy to do. The changes needed were quite evident in the lua script, and making sure the correct XML files were added was pretty straightforward as well. The extension - all 4 KBs of it can be found here.

What all that stuff meant in terms of the Winter Eternal project is that I missed my personal self imposed dead line of yesterday. I did get a bunch of work done though. All the pre-generated characters are entered and linked. The bestiary entries are set up, and the NPCs are being created. Those two sections will consume the most time as there are a pile of information to be entered for each one. This is a long weekend here for us in Canada and of course the weather forecast is calling for rain. That does mean though that I will have all the bestiary entries and NPCs completed by Sunday evening. That will leave images/maps, treasure parcels and encounter pins to finish up on Monday/Tuesday. The screen cap below gives you an idea of what the module set up and the entries look like.

Attachment 14115

The good news though, is that our friends at +Just Insert Imagination are pretty happy with the way it looks so far.

Flames, slags, gripes and complaints always welcome.

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