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The Mortar Pit

You know you want to look....

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For the update this time around I am doing something a little bit different. Normally, what I do after a couple days of working on the Winter Eternal module is post some screen shots of what has been accomplished on G+ and share them only with Morne Schaap and Eric Lamoureux (know around here as Mask_of Winter). I then get their feedback and suggestions, make any changes that come out of that, at that point I make an update post here. Incidentally, the two of them have been fantastic to work with on this. Well, this time a couple of the screen shots they haven't seen yet. I figured it was time to put another post up here so the rest of you that have an interest can see the progress.

As a quick aside here, this is post number 11 on My Own Little World, and there are actually people out there that come and read my ramblings. About 50 view per post and literally from all over the world. That alone makes posting here worthwhile to me, so thanks to all of you that have stopped by.

After I posted the last update Morné commented on G+ that I should add the adventure guide to the module. So I picked up the Winter Eternal Adventure Guide: The Wastelands on the weekend and I spent time just looking at the format of the guide and the information in it, trying to work out the best way to integrate all the setting and adventure guides. It wasn't until yesterday that I actually started the process though. I added the information into the Player's Guide that I felt belonged there, the rest is going to be included in the GM Guide. I took some screen shots and posted them for the dynamic duo at Just Insert Imagination to take a look at them.

So the first screen shot below shows the new hindrance from the adventure guide added in, as well as parts of the opening chapter of the adventure guide integrated into the Player's Guide.

The second screen shot shows all the new gear added to the previous gear tables that I had built. This part was a bit more time consuming mostly because I was experimenting with a couple things to try and get a bit of a different look. The entire Mundane Items list has 102 entries, so it is a pretty big list, that does include all the add-ons you can purchase for an Ice Suit though. I have been thinking of breaking the list up a bit, but I am not fond of the user having to open a pile of windows to find something. As you can see, everything is still drag and drop.

The next couple of screen shots are the two that Morné and Eric haven't seen yet. First, I got thinking today because of the fact that the adventure guide has been added the credits/legal info from that guide should be added to the module as well. So, to be safe, I went and did just that. At first I just added the info to the original credits/legal window already in place. That didn't last long,it looked messy as hell so the adventure guide credits got their own library entry.

The next one shows the setting rules on the effects of cold and Vigor checks from the GM Guide. Originally there were set up as tables, but the flow and the feel of the tables wasn't right so they ended up as lists. At first I was looking at adding this section and others into the same window with the expandable notes, but again it felt like the flow of the information was off. So unfortunately for the GM - he is going to have a fair bit of library entries.

So that's where things stand with the conversion of Winter Eternal. If the weather stays reasonable in my area then I plan on getting a bunch of yard work done, so that might slow me down a bit but I hope to have this completed and turned into SmiteWorks for the QA process in about two weeks. This is the part where you, the reader get to flame away or even just make a plain old comment.

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