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The Next Update

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Here is it is, the next update! Update of what? Don't worry I have asked that of myself as well. I keep tinkering a little bit with the look and layout of the blog. Obviously, I am doing something "wrong" though...all the "how to" blogs are telling me I need to post more often, automate posting and even make "how to" blogs. Google Ad-sense even tells me I don't have enough words on my blog for them to determine what "my" little corner of the web is all about.

As for Winter Eternal, the Player's Guide is essentially complete. The only piece left to do is the artwork - and the Winter Eternal setting book has a lot of that. The mono-chromatic images don't copy well out of the book, so I will be getting source images from Morné Schaap when I am ready to add the artwork. To make it easier, I am going to begin work on the GM guide this weekend, and with any luck it should only take two weeks or so to do.

I made a concerted effort to try and keep the click a player needs to get to information he/she is looking for. I believe I have achieved that as much as possible. Generally, from the main library menu of the module, there is one sometimes two clicks to get to any piece of information.

The first screenshot gives you a pretty good idea with the Religion, Calendars and Festivals and the Magic pages open. The new power is drag and drop as well.

The next screen shot shows what the "Quick Link" window has. I think that covers the important stuff from there. All maps are roughly 480x640 and the largest is around 187kB, yet the still have decent resolution in game.

Lastly, all the city sections have links to their respective city maps. Once I am have the imagery sorted out as well, I plan on putting a link to the maps in the Artwork window as well.

Let me know in the comments if there is anything that you think should be done differently.

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  1. Nylanfs's Avatar
  2. Mortar's Avatar
    Going to be even better since Morné and Eric want me to add the first adventure guide and the free one sheet adventure/pre-gens to it.
  3. andrew279's Avatar
    it's looking pretty good
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