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The most fun we've had...

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My group that plays Princes of the Apocalypse Fridays at noon pacific time had our greatest, funniest, most epic session yet, yesterday (3.25.16). Durring episode 19 of our campaign, things got crazy.

A little background... I started DMing this game (my first DMing with FG) on November 6th, 2015. We do four hour sessions. The player group has settled to four players. David (Gimmerick) from Texas, Tom (Zook) from Germany, Blaine (Lordaron) from England, and Ron (Aramon) from New York. Then there's me, Rob from Spokane, WA. During yesterday's session, Ron was uncharacteristically absent, so it was the 6th level fighter, and the two 5th level paladins. If you haven't yet played PotA, this might be a bit of a spoiler, but not really. You'll see what I mean in a second.

The main epic craziness came from our use of the d100 crit/fumble table I created for the community. During a battle sequence, I kept rolling 20s against the party. It was unbelievable. You'll hear the screams, gasps, and laughter if you watch the video!

So as the players were traipsing thorough the Temple of the Howling Hatred, they came upon a plaza where there were, as of yet, two unopened doors, and the open plaza area. The plan was for Zook and Gimmerick to simultaneously open the two doors, while Lordaron went further into the plaza to keep watch. Well you can imagine, this wasn't the best plan. Too fun(ny)!

The doors get opened, inside one of the two separate rooms where these doors lead was a cloaker. Nasty creature. Lordaron found a group of kenku patrolling the hallways near the plaza. ROLL INITIATIVE! The encounter started to unfold with the cloaker mirror imaging itself after moaning and now there four of them. Lordaron was attempting to deal with the kenku while Gimmerick joined Zook against the cloaker(s). This is where it just plain gets nuts.

There had been a few 1s and a few 20s so far. Both DM and players. But I rolled a crit, it triggered the table (3 thru 6 on a d6), and up came number 93. This brings out a neutral monster of a CR equal to the lowest party member. So I opened the Monster Manual in FG, saw there were 35 CR 5 choices, and (because FG is so awesome) I rolled a d35. That command was "/die d35". The result was a 33 and so out came the wraith. 33rd alphabetically on the list.

The wraith proceeded to turn one of the (by this time) dead kenku into a specter. Yow! The wraith then life drained Lordaron who had been quite injured by this point, and the life drain took Lordaron's HP down below his current level. Man down! Upon seeing this Gimmerick and Zook decide their best action is to shut themselves in the room with four cloakers rather than face the wraith. Lordaron failed a death save, and by the next time it came around, he of course rolled a 1 killing him. Not just unconscious, but dead dead. Seizing its opportunity, the wraith turned Lordaron into a specter.

As this heated battle pressed on, not only did the crit/fumble table trigger again, but it was another 93. UNBELIEVABLE! So back to the MM I go to search for another CR 5. d35 in fact gives me 35, so out comes the the young remorhaz (which we affectionately referred to as Emilio Estevez). This thing comes into the area, and now there's all kinds of kenku, two specters, a wraith, four cloakers, two remaining party members, and a situational FUBAR!

It was so much fun.

FG allowed me to use the d100 crit/fumble table I created to add to the already awesome module for PotA. I used the MM to pull out the two random monsters, and throw them into the encounter. I was able to use the "any die" function to roll a d35. And we had the most fun we've ever had. I was crying I was laughing so hard at one point. Too bad Ron missed it.

I'll leave it to the video for you if you'd like to see how it all played out...

If you enjoy the video I hope you'll subscribe to my YouTube Channel and feel free to drop by my twitch channel as well at

As always I welcome your comments and questions.

Happy gaming! Especially with FG and the 5E rule set.

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