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Why didn't that work?

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This refers to the 5E rule set for Fantasy grounds...

I viciously mocked that ghoul, but he doesn't have disadvantage on his next attack?

This is a common thing that happens in FG. In some cases, when spell casters drag spells onto their character sheets, FG doesn't parse the spell entirely (or at all). I pray to his unholiness Asmodeus, that one day FG will parse EVERYTHING properly for those of us lazy people. But in some cases, you can make your life (and especially your DM's life) easier if you take a few swipes at learning how FG effects work. A great place to start is the effects page.

In the case of Vicious Mockery, the spell gives you the cast for the saving throw of the monster, and it also provides the damage roll should it fail, but it does not have the distvantage on the mobs next turn effect. You have to build that. So you need to create an effect and in the description type "Vicious Mockery; DISATK". You would also need to set the expend to "On Next Action". Then your spell will look like this...

Attachment 13474

A thing to keep in mind about automation is that FG can't ALWAYS help. One example is the when a PC has the condition "Paralyzed" for example, FG doesn't apply the automatic crital damage for being within 5ft because FG doesn't know your distance to your target. So in some cases, you still have to exercise your "manual adjustment" ways.

Once you learn how to automate things that need automating that aren't already done for you (which in most cases they are), your life in playing 5E on FG will become a dream. It's really so nice to have the software handle things that players/DMs might forget or overlook. Really a great thing.

So next time you get ready to cast your Sleep spell, you still need to roll the 5d8 and let the DM figure out who to put to sleep, but you can help the DM out by also adding "Prone" as an effect in addition to the "Unconscious" that is already there.

The more you play, the more you learn about effects and automation.

Fantasy Grounds is a REALLY POWERFUL tool!

Here's to your next fully automated take down of whatever your DM throws at you!

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  1. Frunobulax's Avatar
    Hey rob2e, THANKS for this, but unfortunately the FG forum is not showing the image you linked. It says the link is invalid when I click on it. Perhaps you could describe how to do it in words, or put up a new image? I want to automate my Viscous Mockery. Thanks!
  2. Frunobulax's Avatar
    Oops I take it back, the image is showing now. Sorry.
  3. rob2e's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Frunobulax
    Oops I take it back, the image is showing now. Sorry.
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