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Hi Gang.

I started playing D&D in 1981. I was 15 years old. In my first campaign, my friends and I knew nothing, so we had a guest DM (a 12 year old) who was willing to run a game for us. I made a Magic User (with 4 HP) and as we started our first game, we were wandering down a village street when the DM handed me a hand written note. It read, "You have been hit with a crossbow bolt. You are dead. Please do not react to any of the other players." I of course immediately stood up and yelled, "This game sucks!"

As I was storming out of the room, my friends all pleaded with me to stay. They begged the DM to assure me that it was a joke. He assured me it was not. We agreed to start over, and he agreed to not kill anybody in the first 30 seconds. The game became fun. I haven't looked back (until now).

When I was in the Army, and in Korea, my cell mates, sorry, roommates and I played much D&D. We especially dabbled in Dragonlance and Ravenloft. Who's so excited about the release of Curse of Strahd (on Fantasy Grounds) tomorrow? This guy!!

After the Army, it was hard to find groups/players. I took a nearly 20 year break. I became sick with liver disease in 2008 and had to quit my job as a professional stand-up comedian in Los Angeles and move back to my home town of Spokane, WA. Starting in 2009 I found 4E and groups/players in Spokane.

I had a successful liver transplant in August of 2014, and shortly after, during my recovery, I discovered 5E. I dove right in. Played a lot. When 5th edition came out, I freaked out. So much better than 4E and more like 1st edition AD&D which is what grabbed my heart and imagination. I was hooked. In September 2015, I discovered Fantasy Grounds. A WHOLE NEW WORLD!

I quickly immersed myself in every way I could. I became a member of these forums. I bought the Ultimate License and all the 5E material. I joined as many games as I could find. I was totally in!

Since then, I have become a "Twitcher" ( I stream most all of my games. I have become a member of the online Adventurers League DM team ( I DM PotA online, and as of today I will be DMing my IRL group in LMoP using FG to run the game (Combat Tracker, Maps, etc.) while my players view the map on a connected screen and still use their paper/pencil/dice, etc. This is a thinly veiled attempt to transition them into using FG of course.

I play in some other campaigns using FG, and I also play/DM Adventurers League modules using FG.

In February 2016, I was named the WotC Adventurers League Local Coordinator for the Spokane area.

I also have (currently 6) things available at

I have created, in these forums, a Quick Character Creation tutorial (not as extensive as the Wiki version, but meant to be a super fast way to build a complete PC in FG). Also, I've made 26 1st level pregenerated characters for FG. And I have created a d100 Cirt/Fumble table module for FG.

So as you can see I am WHOLLY into the Fantasy Grounds experience.

So stand by everybody...

My experiences will be told here on this blog.

ThanX to Doug Davison for inviting me.


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Updated March 20th, 2016 at 18:09 by rob2e



  1. Skellan's Avatar
    Yeah, I remember having 4 HP and like one spell. Luckily, mine killed a bugbear and I was hooked (I was 11 at the time)

    Glad you chose fantasy grounds. I catch your sessions on twitch sometimes - great tv
  2. rob2e's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Skellan
    Yeah, I remember having 4 HP and like one spell. Luckily, mine killed a bugbear and I was hooked (I was 11 at the time)

    Glad you chose fantasy grounds. I catch your sessions on twitch sometimes - great tv
    ThanX Skellen.
  3. tfoxsail's Avatar
    Reading this post gives me encouragement! I too have been playing since around '81, and have had a tough time finding people to play with. Fantasy Grounds is great (so far...have yet to play a game on it yet), and it's good to see technology bringing folks together 'at the table top' over the web!
  4. rob2e's Avatar
    tfoxsail, glad to hear it. Yes. FG is awesome. Stay tuned for my next blog entry after my Monday game with in real life group using FG. Should be fun. If you're looking to get into games, just look through the forums. Plenty of people to talk to.
    Updated March 30th, 2016 at 02:21 by rob2e
  5. jajen2003's Avatar
    Super awesome, Rob! I had no idea you were a stand-up.

    I'm looking forward to reading more of these blogs.

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