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  1. Confessions of a 50 year old Dungeons and Dragons Player Part II

    "Like a bat out of hell, I'll be gone when the morning comes. When the night is over, like a bat out of hell, I'll be gone, gone, gone." Everyone's life has a soundtrack. This song was one of the songs on my soundtrack. I love Meat Loaf. Not the food, although meat loaf is pretty good. The singer. And not 2015 Meat Loaf. 1970's, big, sweaty, hair falling in his face, singing like his head is going to explode Meat Loaf. And those fantasy artwork album covers were fantastic. I know Meat ...

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  2. Confessions of a 50 year old Dungeons and Dragons player

    "Boys, go down to the hobby store. I want you to pick up a new game called Dungeons and Dragons. We'll take it home and play it tonight," said my friend's mother, Joan Cox. Joan was a published author of two science fiction novels, Star Web and Mindsong. She handed us the money and away we went. There it was on the shelf. A blue box with red lettering that said Dungeons and Dragons and an intriguing picture on the front of a fighter and magic user about to face down a dragon. The year ...
  3. Project: Zombicide - Day 6

    Welcome to Day 6!

    Almost done. The one thing missing is how to handle items. In theory we could do this the same way it is handled in the board game - use the character ID boards and prepare all the cards, including Wounded cards as tokens, so you can pull them onto the boards.

    There are two distinct disadvantages to this, though: It takes up a lot of valuable screen estate, and secondly it does not help you to use any automation functions FG might provide.
  4. Project: Zombicide - Day 5

    Welcome to Day 5!

    So many components are ready, but the most important ones are the CARDS.

    Zombicide basically uses two different card types: Zombie Cards and Equipment cards, of which Wounded Cards are a subtype (they are used on the equipment slots, although they of course are not items per se).

    Let's talk about Zombie Cards first: When you draw one, you put Zombies on the board according to the highest experience level of any survivor (yes, that implies ...
  5. Project: Zombicide - Day 4

    Welcome to Day 4!

    Today it's time to populate the board with... TOKENS!

    Zombicide's appeal in part stems from all those nifty miniatures appearing on the board (My huge box of Zombicide stuff arrived this week, so I can tell from first-hand experience now ;-)). For the virtual table top that doesn't work so well.

    Fortunately Zombicide provides all the graphics you need. Once again the regular card board tokens you need to set up the missions are already ...
    Tags: tokens, zombicide
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