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  1. Musings On Master GMs

    Or How To Spot A Master GM

    I've been around the RPG hobby now for quite a few years (when you see "years" read "decades") and in that time I've come across a few very talented, very knowledgeable and very sought after Game Masters, and recently I've got to wondering what makes these individuals so good at running games. Sure, there are plenty of good GMs around, and there are even a reasonable number of great GMs out there too, but what is it about those special ...

    Updated April 8th, 2016 at 04:19 by dulux-oz

  2. Reuniting the Band: Voices In My Head

    When I ran our early demos to kick the tires on Fantasy Grounds the structure of the demo version was different than it is today. Back then it was actually a different version than the paid software. With the demo you could only have 2 connections to the GM, and you could only run D&D 3.5. Since my wife was the only person in the group besides myself who had any experience with 3.5, she signed on each time to help the other player deal with the new rules, and as she gained experience with ...
  3. IRL FG and that...

    by , March 30th, 2016 at 03:17 (Rob2e's "Fantasy Grounds - The Experience!")
    Warning: Lost Mine of Phandelver spoilers!

    Well, we did our first session of game play of LMoP (for my biweekly Monday IRL group) using FG as DM and having one additional laptop set up as a local connect for the player map. None of the players had ever used FG and this is my method of trying to transition them to using it. My group that has been together on and off since 2009, has been resistant to 5E and VERY RESISTANT to the use of FG as a VTT. They're old school, and want to ...
  4. Reuniting the Band: It's About Time!

    My initial email blast to my old players and select friends generated quite a bit of response. One person declined (and one never replied), but everyone else seemed enthused. Most of them had been getting even less gaming than my wife and I, and they were pretty excited to have a chance to game and socialize with old friends in faraway places.

    But the next question was invariably “When do you want to play?” And that’s where the trouble started.

    One guy lived on
  5. The most fun we've had...

    by , March 26th, 2016 at 21:44 (Rob2e's "Fantasy Grounds - The Experience!")
    My group that plays Princes of the Apocalypse Fridays at noon pacific time had our greatest, funniest, most epic session yet, yesterday (3.25.16). Durring episode 19 of our campaign, things got crazy.

    A little background... I started DMing this game (my first DMing with FG) on November 6th, 2015. We do four hour sessions. The player group has settled to four players. David (Gimmerick) from Texas, Tom (Zook) from Germany, Blaine (Lordaron) from England, and Ron (Aramon) from ...
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