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  1. Back at it again

    Overcame two of the biggest hurdles with the sheet, at least so far: Margins and the "" sign on the labels.
    Next up is a matter of design - retagging and realigning the whole thing, and then I've got my rudimentary beta sheet.

    After that, there's four hurdles:
    - The attribute frames.
    - Displaying the portrait again.
    - Trying to implement the dice rules.
    - The damage bonus/malus automation.

    ...and after that I'm done.
  2. Starting to give up

    Entertainment is a horrible poison of the mind. It wastes your time with escapism, as garbage, mould and rot builds up around you, and your body becomes feeble and malnourished.
    We have buried our society in so much entertainment, that its diet isn't mainly human souls any longer, but other forms of entertainment. We have created a monster like a shark, who will eat its own children, and we worship it, because we're nothing but junkies at heart.

    ...and so that's my case for ...

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  3. Took the day off.

    I think I've figured out what I was doing wrong for the margins, but I've taken a break this whole day to play a computer game that just keeps on going and going. (The first game was short, but the sequel seems twice as long and boring. I'm skipping dialogue like crazy.)

    I have a sort of deadline now, of early February, that I'm hoping to keep, despite of progress having been ground to a halt these last few days. I'm planning to get the core features in place - the second page, for ...
  4. Figuring out margins

    I'm at my wits end with trying to add margins to a label. Offset is made for making margins, but they don't work properly with backcolor, so I'll probably have to do some scripting. I think the solution finally nears, though, and that actual progress will be made.

    I tore some nerve in my pinkie finger yesterday. I still have diminshed feeling in it. A bit worrying, but I've healed such things before. A human bit me there once, trying to get loose. I used to live by "asking questions ...
  5. The Demon

    They are calling me things now. Trying to hurt me in every way they can. Their excuse this time, is that I doubted a developer when presented with a contradiction from the reference documentation.
    ...but it's not really because of that. It's because they think in ways that I can't see, and I think in ways which they can't.
    Human beings get together and they sort of party. They rub off on eachother, and they make emotional bonds, and they trust. Even when you disconnect them from the ...
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