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  1. Winter has come

    There: Now I'm properly dressed for the season. Wool long johns and my thickest socks finally brings me a bit of warmth inside my apartment, that somehow keeps getting colder and colder every year. I can't type well with gloves on, so I don't really know what to do about my hands. Last year I got such freeze burns that my hands started bleeding and I couldn't wash my dishes, and they're flaring up again this year already.

    They told me they'll send some inspectors over to check on ...
  2. Day 7

    I've not done much for a while. Listened to a drug addict complain about how he's facing becoming homeless, regretting it all. Wondering if mom is going to kill herself next year, like she's been hinting at for twenty years now. Maybe this year will be the one. Still hearing those furious screams of that little girl, and her cries as she had to go on the floor in the closet. It must have been five years ago now. Nothing I could do anything about. Nobody who listens. Nobody who actually cares. ...
  3. Getting my feet wet

    So to start off with I am an old hack when it comes to computers and role playing games.... have been farting around with both since about 1983. Yes I am an old fart! However I have nadda experience in VTTs and Fantasy Grounds.

    Everybody usually starts out at zero before becoming proficient in a skill/craft. I know I have had a ton of crappy projects because of lack of skill. The difference between failure and learning is taking what you screwed up on and learning how to do it better. ...
  4. Day 5

    I finally changed that chat icon, after a couple of days holding it off.
    A header is also in the works. Not sure if it actually is a header, because CoreRPG doesn't show more than two deprecated pieces of code for it, and never uses it in the layout.

    It's funny how GIMP doesn't allow the use of 1e1e1c as a color. It always converts it to 1e1e1e for some reason. Since I like perfect precision, this really makes me frown.

    I managed christmas. Mom almost came to ...

    Updated December 25th, 2019 at 12:18 by MooCow

    Tags: christmas
  5. Day 4

    Finally took my own advice and gave myself a break.
    Still got some work in in the morning, only to realize that I've made a huge mistake and had to redo it all from scratch in the evening.
    Hopefully by tomorrow, the sheet will look much less of a complete mess.
    Should probably be looking into the frame templates before I do that, though.
    Then we've also got christmas to worry about. Next year I'll probably take mom's advice and just skip it altogether. Sometimes I wonder ...

    Updated December 23rd, 2019 at 07:56 by MooCow

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