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  1. The Fallen Angel Campaign

    So as a new DM and a newer member to fantasy grounds i started a campaign similar to the new Acquisitions Incorporated episodes we decided to start the characters at level 3 so it wouldn't be such a grind for our first play through.. The Players were paid as mercenaries to raid the Dwarven Enclave Dron vault and steal a precious gem their unknown employer asked them to steal. They were to keep deaths to a minimum or leave no survivors what so ever. They were to be paid 1,000 gold and be allowed ...
  2. Creating Horror in Fantasy Grounds

    In the interest of sparking new discussions, I've decided to start the conversation with how to create horror in VTT. Many of you know a variety of techniques to scare your players, from appropriate music and lighting to the inevitable "BOO!" moment around the table. Unfortunately, many of these techniques do not translate well to the VTT environment. How do you use mood lighting when all you can do is control screen color? Where does the "BOO!" come from if you find your ...

    Updated November 14th, 2013 at 05:35 by Bubo

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