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  1. Only the layering is left now.

    Only the export to a separate layer is left now for the beta. It's going to be an adventure for sure, but I've took care to mark everything in preparation.

    There's some kind of social trouble going on at the forums, where I'm apparently not respectful enough in my tone or something. They're still trying to hold me up to the standard of a human being, which is kind of cute. I guess I was human as a child, before they took me. The shards of all those memories of promises broken, still ...
  2. Almost at beta release

    I finally made most of page 2, and made the portrait show up again.
    I also aligned the front page icons, and made a scroll button.
    Soon I'll be exporting my ruleset to a stand-alone layer, and ship the beta over to esmdev, but there's no rush since I'm well within schedule, so I might sneak in a few other changes here and there before that. We'll see.

    Also, I must not forget fixing the attributes: Need to tag them and stuff. I also don't like that they're in color - ...

    Updated January 7th, 2020 at 22:20 by MooCow

  3. Lots and lots of easy stuff

    The way that I've tackled this project, seems to be a good approach: You do what you feel that you can handle. Usually that means that you do the easy stuff and the groundwork.

    ...and the easy stuff isn't to be underestimated. Usually that amounts to a lot of work. I'm still not done with the easiest stuff, like creating and aligning page 2. Most people underestimate projects. They'll go "I have this amazing idea for a game, and now I just need to make it. I know how, and so ...

    Updated January 6th, 2020 at 14:46 by MooCow

  4. Back at it again

    Overcame two of the biggest hurdles with the sheet, at least so far: Margins and the "" sign on the labels.
    Next up is a matter of design - retagging and realigning the whole thing, and then I've got my rudimentary beta sheet.

    After that, there's four hurdles:
    - The attribute frames.
    - Displaying the portrait again.
    - Trying to implement the dice rules.
    - The damage bonus/malus automation.

    ...and after that I'm done.
  5. Starting to give up

    Entertainment is a horrible poison of the mind. It wastes your time with escapism, as garbage, mould and rot builds up around you, and your body becomes feeble and malnourished.
    We have buried our society in so much entertainment, that its diet isn't mainly human souls any longer, but other forms of entertainment. We have created a monster like a shark, who will eat its own children, and we worship it, because we're nothing but junkies at heart.

    ...and so that's my case for ...

    Updated January 4th, 2020 at 15:51 by MooCow

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