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  1. 3 Best Oracles for Solo Play

    If you really liked your Soloing experience and feel like this guide is too basic for your needs, or if you want everything in FGU readily available, here is the most popular 3 Oracles that are comprehensive. If you're on a budget, only one of them is enough.

    3 Paid Oracles

    ## 5th Edition Solo Rules (Fantasy Grounds) - 4$

    This simple module (for D&D) takes the ...
  2. Example of a First Solo Scene

    If you watched the video in "How Does A Solo Session Plays?", you must have an idea about it. And after you learned the ropes, it actually plays as smoothly as in the video. But still, let's pour the knowledge into words for added detailed. If you don't understand any part, don't worry, this whole guide is written in the order of topics that complements each other.

    • ASK only YES / NO questions about the things you DON'T KNOW in the scene to create a flow
  3. Overview of Solo Gameplay

    1. Pick Your ORACLE: Learn the guidelines of it. Think of an 8-ball in rollable table form. Which is a Randomized YES / NO Answer Generator for your questions about the story you'll unravel.
    2. PREP MINIMALLY: And I repeat, minimally. There is a huge reason for this. Too Much Info is just an obstacle that turns your sessions into a slugfest. 1- Create Your PC. 2- Equip it. 3- Give your PC a quest. 4- Flesh out the quest by asking questions. 5- Optionally, give your PC an obstacle. 6- Place the PC
  4. Golden Rule of Solo Play and KISS IT!

    The Golden Rule is FUN

    If you want anything in your story, go for it! You don't have to ask any Oracle, you don't need to think about if it's within the rules. Although, these rules give your experience a structure and a frame. All you need to know about the Golden Rule is:

    If it is FUN for YOU, then go for it!

    K.I.S.S. IT!

    Keep It Short & Simple!

    "It" includes, pre-game preparation, background info, character ...
  5. How Will I Motivate Myself for Solo Play?

    Most of us start Solo Play because of necessities instead of choice. But it doesn't mean it has to be that way. Once you taste the freedom of Soloing, you can find ways to motivate yourself.

    My Motivation

    My motivation for Solo Play started even before I knew TTRPGs exist. I played the original Diablo and thought "I want to play my character but in a story instead of a loot game." And I did it. I used Journaling method without any ruleset or dice. I dreamed about ...
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