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  1. Exploration In Solo Mode - Part II

    I discussed the first way of exploration in Part I. It is for new players who want to discover a setting that they don't know anything about. But if you want to create your own setting as the story unfolds, there are tips & tricks for it, too. But first, let's define "Exploration."

    # What to Explore?

    "Exploration, noun: A careful systematic search."
    But search for what? When talking about exploration, don't just think a wilderness map, ...

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    Solo Play with FGU
  2. Why & How to Utilize Story Mechanics

    In Mechanics of Game Story, I briefly mentioned which elements of game story you can use to create an exciting flow for your scenes. Now, let's expand on it.

    # WHY

    "It all starts with a desire. A desire to have..."
    Your PC's goals are your goals as the sole player in the solo game world. But just a PC trying to achieve a goal does not CREATE enough material for a STORY. When you add NPC goals that intermingle with PC's goals, you can create more INTERACTION. ...
  3. Solo Gameplay Videos

    For now, I'll end this guide with video examples of Solo Play from all over Youtube. Each one of them are part of a series, and each episode consists of 1 or 2 scenes. Mostly 20 minutes long.

    Epic Solo's D&D, season 1:

    Note: This is a great example of create-as-you-go style in 5th Edition.

    Me, Myself and Die's Savage World series:

    The finest ...

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    Solo Play with FGU
  4. Cheating In Solo Play

    I'm not gonna say don't cheat, it's up to you. It's YOUR game, YOUR rules. BUT... Cheating only steals from your fun in the long run. If you still wanna do it: Although, all game rules give you a foundation to set your experience upon to keep things balanced, at least bend or break these rules in Solo Play with a touch on the Law side of things.

    # Godlike PC

    * If your dream is to play a **godlike** character and cheese combat encounters, at least give it a background ...

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    Solo Play with FGU
  5. Adjudication and Rules

    # Game Rules (including Rule of Cool) VS. Realism VS. Narrative

    No need to establish rules for the rules;

    • Choose when to utilize game rules, IRL realism or narrative theater of mind, or even rule of cool, for the continuity of the game, while playing.
    • Or be strict and have permadeath with hardcore rules if that is more suitable for you.
    • Yes, you are the GM but you are also the Player.
    • Again. FUN is the most important aspect of Solo Play.

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    Solo Play with FGU
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