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  1. Exploration In Solo Play - Part I

    There are 2 ways for Exploration in Solo Play. The other one is create-as-you-go from scratch. Since this is the most preferred one for newcomers, I'll start with;

    # Discovering An Established Setting

    Remember when I briefly mentioned that you can use a setting book to discover it in gameplay instead of reading it as a book? This is the part that expands on it. In combination with Random Content Creation Methods, it can be a fun start for your first solo session.
  2. End of the Session

    What will happen next?

    This is the question! This is the mood you want to create for yourself in a Solo Play Session. That's why too much detail is an obstacle in this type of play. You need just enough info to kickstart your first scene, and nothing else. You'll discover the rest in your sessions.

    Your only concern should be what is in front of your PC in here and now.

    # Hang In There, Baby

    Always END your sessions WITH a CLIFFHANGER, ...
  3. Mechanics of Game Story

    When you learn to quickly establish your first scene by trial and error and repetition, the rest will come easily. So, if you fail at first don't worry, it is even expected, just try again. Solo Play is more of a learned skill rather than something naturally comes to you. Try to have control over the Core Game Loop, especially Freeform Association.

    Keep creating more story content by using the same methods: ASK questions depending on current CONTEXT - Use Freeform Association - Roll ...
  4. Freeform Association

    Freeform Association is an improvisation method where you link randomly generated words into a coherent (piece of a) story. Just as in Improv Theater. This is a part of content creation method, and not a standalone way to make up your story. You'll only use it if a simple YES / NO answer is not enough to create content.

    Unless, you're using more complex Mythic GM Emulator that started it all. FFA is an integral part of Mythic's Oracle "Fate Chart." I discussed this in Mythic ...
  5. The Core Solo Gameplay Loop

    1 - ASK a YES / NO question about something you don't know in the story to generate content, action, or drama, depending on the context.
    The context can be about your PC, NPC, monster, or their actions, their states, their dispositions, a place, an item... Anything you want to reveal in the story.
    2 - [Optional] If a Yes / No answer is not enough to generate content, Roll for and Link 2-4 random words by Freeform Association to spark your imagination, or to create a snippet ...
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