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  1. Using Fantasy Grounds with an in-person gaming group

    My new blog talks about my recent experience in hosting my normally online group in person. I recently had a "milestone" birthday and my friends came to my place to celebrate and we played in-person instead of online. It was a lot of fun and I detail out my thoughts on the experience. Includes a link to a very good option to build your own gaming table with a TV embedded into it.

  2. Pre-Play

    Hello again!

    In my last entry I discussed that training new players into the FG system is a bit of additional work for text-only games. I laid out a few things to make it easier (videos and such), but the work is still there when trying to get the freshmen through that first difficult hour in FG.

    Dulux-Oz mentioned the idea of making a training module for teaching new players. Basically everything that I planned on typing anyway, pre-typed and ready to go. Linked pictures ...
  3. Campaign building 101

    The common mistake when building a first campaign is to start too big. You are full of ideas, write pages and pages of notes that too often you never got to use.

    You really only need the basic for the first adventure. First a location often a village. What do you really need to know about that village. Let's call our village Douland.

    In Douland you can find a mill near the river, a small inn where the farmers go get a drink after a day of work with a few rooms for ...
  4. A Guide to Recruiting for Fantasy Grounds

    A guide to recruiting for Fantasy Grounds
    Getting a group together for an online role-playing game may come with its challenges. If you are the Game Master, and have a group of loyal players, starting a new campaign will mostly likely consist of pitching an idea to the group. If you are the new “player” in the world of online role-playing and don’t have a group yet, this blog is for you.

    I have been running online games for over six years now, both campaigns and one-shots of the ...
  5. No excuses!!!

    Only an explenation.

    Oddly enough ... The only comments I have received of late is that I have seemingly abanded my blog.

    Interesting ...

    Who knew anyone is reading it.

    So let me catch you up on what's been going on ...


    My best friend from Jr. High. still play RPGs together. He is currently wanting to run Traveller in Fantasy Grounds. Here's the hitch. ...
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