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  1. Reuniting: Can I Check Your References?

    When my group started playing D&D via Fantasy Grounds, several of my players were keen to resume the old campaign rather than starting a new one. That campaign had featured several long-term storylines, and the party had gotten fairly involved in one of them. This had apparently left quite an impression on the players, and they were eager to see that story to its conclusion. I was more than happy to acquiesce to their desire, since I had always been curious about how the storyline
  2. Reference Manual Theming? Success!

    Since pretty much every project I do involves the CoreRPG Reference Manual feature, and I like things as pretty as possible, I thought I'd take a shot at theming the refmanual -- and only the refmanual. That's actually tricky because almost every window template in FG uses the "groupbox" frame so if I changed that one texture, BAM, every single window now uses that texture. Which in the case of what I was doing with Castles & Crusades, looked wonky as hell.

    So I ended ...
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  3. Original Characters Backstory Garuh'kai & Ander- a short story part 2

    Part one can be found here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...t-story-part-1

    Spring, the flowers have long since won their fight to press up through the dirt, the winds blow cool and calm across the fields north of a small quaint village. Atop the crest of a hill he sat, below an ancient Oak, reading a book of histories and civilizations passed, dozing off between pages of clumsily choreographed explanations ...
  4. Simplified Encumbrance Rule for 5E

    Like a lot of GMs, I like to tinker with house rules Ė especially when they can replace a mechanic that I donít particularly care for. Iíve been playing a lot of D&D 5E lately, and that has brought two of these failed mechanics into focus Ė encumbrance and alignment. I think itís safe to say these are two of the most ignored, unused and disliked sub-systems in the D&D universe, at least in my own experience. I have plans for alignment that I will share another day, but in this post I ...

    Updated December 25th, 2016 at 06:01 by Answulf

  5. Reunited: A Song For the Season

    Awhile back the party did a wintertime scouting mission to the Howling Hills, part of the realm of the Lich Queen. The partyís bard wrote a song about it.

    Scouting In A Winter Wonderland
    (To the tune of Walking In A Winter Wonderland)

    Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?
    An undead horse, bones a-glistening
    A horrible sight, we're frightened tonight
    Scouting in a winter wonderland

    Through the hills we are creeping
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