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  1. Actionable Roleplaying Tips: Preparing to Homebase

    Alright folks. Ready for the second post in the series? Well, here it comes.

    If you need a quick reminder about the series, heres a recap from the first post.

    How do I take some actionable steps to prepare to roleplay?

    Sharing the my answers to that question is the purpose of this four-part post series. Im not suggesting this is the best course of action for everyone. All I know is that it worked for me. It gave me something actionable. It

    Updated May 19th, 2017 at 20:38 by bigbluepaw

  2. Open door, kill monster, loots and repeat.

    Many of us started role playing games that way, we would enter a dungeons/ruins/castle for some reason, explore rooms after rooms, killing monsters along the way for loots. Then go back to town, sell the loots for gold and buy nice gear for our characters so we can do it again.

    It was the way most of D&D adventure were created 30 years ago, many new players coming from computer game think like that too, and there's nothing wrong if that's the kind of game you want to play. I have ...
  3. We have left the containment field

    and it's a good thing!!!

    As we continue to play through the Lost Mines adventures, my players have come to that point where they are side tracked by the sand box adventure options. They are meant to give the players the opportunity to level up their characters in preporation for the main theme line and keep things from being too rail roadie. I was pleased on how they treated Agatha the Banshee. The players are suppose to woo the answer to Sister Giselle's question from the angry ...

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  4. Are you a 5e DnD Rogue? We have one opening left to fill for Saturday Afternoons CST!

    Quote Originally Posted by Laerun View Post
    Dear Sneaky,
    We need a Rogue PC soon...
    Looking to form a positive, fun, creative DnD 5e group. Please have the patience, helpfulness, and willingness to grow this group....!
    Yin=99%, Yang=?

    Style: Fantasy 98%, Tech 2%
    Ratio/ Balance 60% Gaming, 40% Role-play
    Worlds :Forgotten Realms- Sword Coast Regions
    Rule-sets: 5e SRD, 5e Core, 3rd Party or custom rules or adding must be discussed. Please no home-brew stuff for now.

  5. Too much ...

    Too little ... too late.

    I 've been having some issues ... Not with Fantasy Grounds or my players ... but an obsession to get sound out of and into my system. More on that later ... I promise. Still I wanted to touch base.

    For those few have read this blog (Thank you) ... you know that I came to Fantasy Grounds in the hopes of playing with friends after a good friend of mine passed. I investigated the options out and rightfully chose FG. I started a Facebook page. I ...

    Updated April 24th, 2017 at 01:02 by mhorgunn

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