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  1. Can you lance this boil?

    So here is a page that I brought up from the old book "Chainmail" This is one of the Granddaddies of D&D. Published in 1971, it was created by Gary Gygax and Jeff Perren and was an early miniature game that contained a fantasy section. One of my favorite parts was the page on jousting. I use to use this in my campaigns that two of my players use to play in. I think how I will run this in Fantasy Grounds is call for the players to input their two choices of their aiming point and defensive ...
    Tags: d&d 5e, jousting
  2. Clang!!! Clang!!! Swoosh!!!

    So I have a hard time imagining anyone on these forums that has never seen the film "A Kight's Tale." Starring Heath Ledger, it tells a Rock and Roll story of a professional jousting knight. Let's just say ... they weren't going for historical accuracy. Still one can draw inspiration for contests to add to your game. Today I offer you the Sword contest.


    Below is an image for such an event along with pennant tokens. To make it ...

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    Tags: d&d 5e
  3. The goblin that laid the platinum egg

    Ok … so not my most … sophisticated moments in the game as a dungeon master. Sometimes one needs to get a bit gritty a bit earthy. It is the game master's obligation to their player's to confront their players … even in the smallest of details.

    For those who don't know … my players are continuing their way through the introductory campaign, “The Lost Mines of Phandelver.” One of the tropes that seems to have their place in the firmament of D&D, is to take into the fold of the ...
    Tags: d&d 5e, platinum
  4. Mapping out the future

    So my players are progressing along swimmingly through Lost Mines. At present, they are beginning their investigation of Thundertree. Now this is actually further along than it seems as they have already cleared out Cragmore Castle. They were able to convince the druid Reidoth of the urgency to rescue Rocksplitter. But more of that in later posts.

    In preping for the final dungeon of Lost Mines and the clearing of Wave Echo Cave, I was reminded of the adventure hook, a mp found in ...
  5. Actionable Roleplaying Tips: Engaging Your Companions

    Alright. Ready to sink your teeth into a good roleplaying topic? I think this is one of my favorite ones.

    Inter-party discussions is one of the most interesting roleplaying opportunities in the game. In this post, you’ll find a few suggestions on how to instigate such discussions as well as prepare for them.

    Before we get started, however, let’s quickly revisit the purpose of this whole series. Here’s a quote from the first post.

    How do I take

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