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  1. Magic Shop & Random Item Rarity Tables by Rob Twohy


    First Impressions: 4 Stars, 40/50 Points
    I really like what Rob has done with these tables. He has sliced and diced the magic item tables from the DMG (and the SRD) all sorts of ways to make it easy for a DM to find or randomly generate magic items. There are a few minor flaws here and there, but nothing that hinders the useful of this module. The key to using this module is to read the Instructions ...
    Review , GM Tools
  2. Rem's 5E Crafting System - Introduction

    How I Got to Where I Needed a Crafting System in My Campaign:
    Ah the good ole Dungeon Master's Guide. My favorite book in the entirety of the D&D Collection. I flip through it constantly, devouring information, plotting ways to challenge the PCs in my campaign, planning out vast worlds with diverse storylines and so much more.

    One day during our D&D session, Ielenia, my group's Elven Druid said to me after we were wrapping up the session: "Hey Rem, can I just craft ...

    Updated December 15th, 2016 at 19:40 by Remedeez

  3. Project: Zombicide - Day 1

    Welcome to Day 1!

    Can you already hear the Zombies moan and wail out there? No? Well, that's because we are not quite there yet.

    Today we are going to start our rulebook. Why would we do that, when the rulebook is accessible online?

    For once converting it into a Fantasy Grounds module allows every player quick access to the rules, plus we can later link the different characters, skills etc. into it. Basically it's going to contain all the content the ...
  4. Project: Zombicide - Day 0

    Hello there!

    Fantasy Grounds is a great tool for playing Role-Playing Games with friends over the internet, just like you would at your own table at home.

    The Name Who Cannot Be Named, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds and a few others have great rulesets who make things almost easier than playing in your living room. I love it.

    Hmm. Table? Living Room? Friends dispersed?

    Why not try to convert a board game instead of an RPG? Presumably the rules ...

    Updated March 13th, 2015 at 16:09 by AstaSyneri

  5. PFRPG Mythic Rules Module Updates

    Forum Page
    16 Jul, 2014

    • Mythic Monsters information and sample monsters completed.

    16 Jul, 2014

    • Base and path abilities linked.
    • Code restructure.

    Path Abilities
    • Universal path abilities moved to "Mythic Paths" from "Base Mythic Rules".
    • A link to "Base Mythic Abilities" has been added to each path page.

    13 Jul, 2014

    • Prerequisites now showing for Nimble

    Updated August 17th, 2014 at 11:54 by RTFallen

    Tags: module, updates
    Module Updates
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