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  1. Actionable Roleplaying Tips: Engaging Your Companions

    Alright. Ready to sink your teeth into a good roleplaying topic? I think this is one of my favorite ones.

    Inter-party discussions is one of the most interesting roleplaying opportunities in the game. In this post, youíll find a few suggestions on how to instigate such discussions as well as prepare for them.

    Before we get started, however, letís quickly revisit the purpose of this whole series. Hereís a quote from the first post.

    How do I take

    Updated May 19th, 2017 at 21:39 by bigbluepaw

  2. Useful shortcuts and tips to use in Fantasy Grounds

    This is a list of useful "Tips & Tricks" for the Fantasy Grounds VTT, contributed by users on the forums. I tried to credit everyone who provided anything on the list. You can find the original post stickied in The Tavern.

    *Dragging the "Next Actor / End Turn" button from the Combat Tracker to a hotkey.
    Especially useful for players who may not always have the Combat Tracker open.

    *Dragging Damage/Healing/Attack Rolls/Spell Saves from chat ...

    Updated September 19th, 2018 at 09:09 by Skillkoil

  3. Dungeon 23


    What is the meaning of two posts in two days. Who are you and what have you done witn John?

    Don"t you hate coming late to the party?

    I do.

    But here I am.

    So I don"t know, with all the YouTube I watch that I didn't see this.

    Called The Dungeon 23 Challenge is atribited to Shawn McCoy, creator of The Mother ship. The concept is simple. One creates a mega dungeon. It consist of a dungeon ...

    Updated September 4th, 2023 at 19:09 by Moon Wizard

    Tags: dungeon 23
  4. No excuses!!!

    Only an explenation.

    Oddly enough ... The only comments I have received of late is that I have seemingly abanded my blog.

    Interesting ...

    Who knew anyone is reading it.

    So let me catch you up on what's been going on ...


    My best friend from Jr. High. still play RPGs together. He is currently wanting to run Traveller in Fantasy Grounds. Here's the hitch. ...
  5. LFP, Want 5e Fantasy Grounds Play tips, testing, and learning Fantasy Grounds Online!

    I just wanted to let everyone interested in this thread/blog that the school is NOT a proper game, and that the focus is: Learning how to navigate the interface, learning how to create a character, learning some of the chat commands, learning some of the basic game functions and mechanics, and having fun while meeting new people with similar interests. I still want to emphasize Role-play, cooperation, and, fun! I think it makes the game fun and sometimes completely awkward. Also, remember it is ...
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