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Hi! You can call me Rem! (My full handle is Remedeez, pronounced like the word "remedies")

When I was about 8 years old, in the mid 90s, my brother went to a book store and came back with some books that read "Advanced Dungeons and Dragons" across them. And then, my brother introduced me to a world of magic, and dragons, and saving the world. I loved it!

Fast forward life by a whole lot of years, and here I am. All grown up (well, sort of!), former soldier in the U.S. Army, married to the nerdiest guy in the world (probably), mother of 2. And I still love D&D. I love other things too, like books, Final Fantasy games, MOBAs, a boat load of MMOs, tattoos, well... you get the idea. But I'm here because I love D&D.

I currently DM 2 campaigns for a tight circle of friends, and we've had need to play virtually. Fantasy Grounds was the right choice for us, and we have not regretted choosing it to use as our Virtual Table Top.

And now here I am, blogging to share with the Fantasy Grounds Forum users all the weird things I've come up with in my adventures of being a DM, playing 5E D&D, and using Fantasy Grounds!

If you like my work, if you have comments, questions, feedback, anything at all, leave a comment!
You can also click here to find me on Twitter!

  1. Rem's 5E Crafting System - Introduction

    How I Got to Where I Needed a Crafting System in My Campaign:
    Ah the good ole Dungeon Master's Guide. My favorite book in the entirety of the D&D Collection. I flip through it constantly, devouring information, plotting ways to challenge the PCs in my campaign, planning out vast worlds with diverse storylines and so much more.

    One day during our D&D session, Ielenia, my group's Elven Druid said to me after we were wrapping up the session: "Hey Rem, can I just craft ...

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