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    A nice 2nd-part, perfectly complementing your 1st - again, Bravo!
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    As I said in one of my own Blog Posts on being a Master GM, a true Master GM will always be learning from others in an effort to make his or her own craft better. You, sir, have made this imperative for any Player serious about improving their craft - Bravo!

    One thing I like to do with my Players is have each of them come up with a Catchphrase - combined with the ideas in this Post, that should help out with role-playing even more.
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    Great blog post ... hope you enjoyed the other side of the table.
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    Nice write up! Dawnforgecast did a YouTube video about this method and I've tried to incorporate it. I think your layout and method if preparing clear and straight forward. Thanks for the article.
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    Great point. I'll update the post to reflect that.

    I thought about doing something like this. However, I am not sure other players would notice what spell is being cast and miss out.
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    Instilling character personalities into my games has been something I haven't been good at in many years. I think I just got lazy. But, have been thinking about it a lot lately and appreciate your well thought out blog.

    One comment I will make, is that with FG, we (both players and GMs) don't really have to add any mechanics into most of our stated actions. That is, if the players and GM all understand each other.

    For instance, take your statement from Dimble "I flourish my stick-wand, scream “Zooterkins!” and cast Magic Missile."

    You could simplify this a bit by removing the action statement and then just use the FG action to cast the appropriate spell. That way (if you are using voice) everyone here's what happens, the voice stays completely in character, and FG handles the game mechanics.
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