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  1. Nylanfs's Avatar
    Personally I like jEdit for doing code work.
  2. Minty23185Fresh's Avatar
    I, for one, would very much enjoy a part 3 of your tutorial. Thanks for the view.
  3. jreddin1's Avatar
    Thanks for the mention (Jeff's ... Tutorial)!

    As a comment to your Code Editor, I recommend people check out Atom as well as Notepad++. Atom, besides having syntax highlighting for XML also knows lua! It's free like Notepad++, and it's geared more towards being a developers editor. Lots of extensions and customizations to make it work for each individual.

    Keep the blog going, and if I get time to writing part 3 of the Tutorial, maybe I'll get another mention!
  4. Minty23185Fresh's Avatar
    Thanks for stopping in.
  5. Mortar's Avatar
    Subbing, because I am that "new to programming" guy.
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