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  1. A Neophyte Tackles the FG Extension - Effect Visibility (Revisited, Part 1)

    This time Iíll jump right in, create an extension, then slowly add more and more functionality to it. Iíll explain, as I go along, what I am doing, and why. Plus Iíll explore solutions to problems as they arise. It is quite a bit to bite off so this will assuredly require multiple blog posts.

    First, to clean things up: in previous blogs I edited some of the ruleset files. I was exploring what the consequences were when certain changes are made to the ruleset files. I want to ...

    Updated June 1st, 2016 at 09:20 by Minty23185Fresh

  2. A Neophyte Tackles the FG Extension - Effects and Visibility

    Over the next few posts I plan on explaining how I wrote my first FG extension.

    Since starting this blog I have tried to expose readers, particularly readers with little to no software development skills, to background information I felt would help them climb the FG extension learning curve more quickly. For a budding programmer there is a lot to learn, far more than can be conveyed in a blog. Supplementary reading is a must. Mostly, I hope to pique the critical thinking process, ...
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