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  1. MarianDz's Avatar
    Thank you for hierarchy clarification :)
  2. MarianDz's Avatar
    Again nice "Blog-work" Minty.
    This is 9th part about EVOE and is great. Very good writen. :D Im fully satisfied.
  3. MarianDz's Avatar
    Another great blog, I'm hungry for every new part about this EVOE addon. Please continue :)
  4. Minty23185Fresh's Avatar
    At this time EVOE (v0.1.1) does not support effects related to saving throws, ability checks and skill checks. After 15 -20 hours of play test, in three or four different sessions, I have decided there are higher priorities than addressing the effects that affect these dice rolls. I plan on adding default visibilities for conditions (e.g. everyone knows when another character is prone). I also want to implement a ďhey thereís a new effectĒ warning for the GM. Iím tired of my players asking me if the effect they just applied to themselves ďworkedĒ. Default visibilities and/or GM warnings should take care of that. I hope to provide these options and more via right click menus or settings in the Options Manager or Effects Manager.
  5. Minty23185Fresh's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by GunbunnyFuFu
    Subbing as well, as I hope to begin doing some extensions myself, only to get the practice in coding for additional functionality. Great stuff Minty!
    Thanks Gunbunny. I hope you find these blogs useful in getting you over that first hurdle.
  6. GunbunnyFuFu's Avatar
    Subbing as well, as I hope to begin doing some extensions myself, only to get the practice in coding for additional functionality. Great stuff Minty!
  7. Minty23185Fresh's Avatar
    Thank you for viewing my blogs.

    As I am sure you've learned Marian, the current answer is no, there is no automatization.

    Once I have all of the rolls (Saves, Ability checks, etc.) working properly under EVOE I plan on adding defaults and customizations. For instance, someone knocked prone - it's pretty obvious to most everyone, except maybe someone who is blind, when someone else is prone. This idea of automatization is a good one to add to my list of enhancements.
  8. MarianDz's Avatar
    Great "Minty",
    Are effects (SORC, TRGT, GM, VSBL) in EVOE v0.1.0 assigned manually or is there some kind of automatization?
    [I]For example, change to TRGT and show him this condition only after he was first time hit and damage dealt. Make it automatic?[/I]

    [B]Edited[/B] after reading all your Blogs about CT visibility Extension :o where I found answer on my question
    Updated September 23rd, 2016 at 14:20 by MarianDz
  9. MarianDz's Avatar
    Nice "Minty23185Fresh" sounds and looks logical. Some things is hard to explain without examples but these yours are clear and uderstant-able.
  10. Minty23185Fresh's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Smoltok View Post
    When your extension is active, the players don't see any dice roll in the chat (even theirs).
    Attached is a image file of a client (player) attacking an Orc.

    A few questions.
    1) Are you using ANY other extensions at the same time? If so what are they?
    2) Is the EVOE version v0.1.0 showing up in your player's Chats at startup (labelled A in red in the screenshot image)?
    3) Do the actual dice images show up (labelled B in the screenshot)?
    4) Do the dice results show up (labelled C)?
    5) Do both the attack and the attack result descriptions show up (labelled D)?

    Image URL

    Please answer all the questions from both perspectives, the player and the GM:

    When the player rolls, can the player see the roll, dice and results?
    When the player rolls, can the GM see the player's roll, dice and results?

    When the GM rolls, can he see his own roll, dice and results?
    When the GM rolls, can the player see the GM's roll, dice and results?
    Updated September 15th, 2016 at 16:30 by Minty23185Fresh
  11. Minty23185Fresh's Avatar
    The extension has been play tested for about 3-1/2 hours. I released it in the Fantasy Grounds forums. Should you want to view the final renditions of all the extension’s files, download the extension, and unpack it, same as with rulesets, as I’ve explained in previous blog posts.

    This has been a truly delightful, albeit time-consuming, learning process. I cannot shower enough praise upon the Smiteworks developers and the FG Forums moderators, responders and lurkers . When I started this I would have never believed I could add so much functionality with so little code (four tiny files, in all). A real tribute to the overall design of FG!

    I do plan on continuing to blog, though I suppose, not as a neophyte. Acolyte maybe?

    To the followers of this lengthy blog series, Thanks for staying with me.
    Updated July 9th, 2016 at 04:47 by Minty23185Fresh
  12. Minty23185Fresh's Avatar
    Here is the complete refactored code of the decision tree in the getEffectsString() function, as mentioned in the main body of the blog.

          -- GM (or Host) sees all effects, so if the User is not Host then
          -- as needed negate the bAddEffect value so the effect doesn't show up
          if User.isHost() == false then
            -- possible values of the visibility button are: 0-All, 1-GM, 2-Self, 3-Target
            local nVisibility = DB.getValue(v, "isgmonly", 0);
            -- user is the FG user or instance ID, and the same as the character sheet id
            local sUser = User.getCurrentIdentity();
            -- combat tracker ids are not equivalent to character sheet ids,
            -- this id, is the character sheet id, for this combat tracker id (or actor)
            local sCharSheetID = DB.getValue(DB.getValue(nodeCTEntry, "link"));
            if nVisibility == 2 then
              -- effects visible to self link back to themselves in charsheet
              if sCharSheetID ~= "charsheet." .. sUser then
                bAddEffect = false;
            elseif nVisibility == 3 then
              -- effects with target visibility should not be displayed
              -- if the entry is not me and if the entry is not the inflictor (e.g. source)
              if sCharSheetID ~= "charsheet." .. sUser then
                -- source_names are effect inflictors, the combat tracker id's (empty for Self)
                local nodeCTSource = DB.findNode(DB.getValue(v, "source_name", ""));
                local sInflictorID = DB.getValue(DB.getValue(nodeCTSource, "link"));
                if sInflictorID ~= "charsheet." .. sUser then
                  bAddEffect = false;
    Updated July 9th, 2016 at 04:41 by Minty23185Fresh
  13. Minty23185Fresh's Avatar
    It took a few days, but I did work out a solution to the issue I found. Please see the revisitation of this post, here.
  14. damned's Avatar
    The duplicated code is read twice on load time but only the second instance is kept and only the second instance is executed.
    The big challenge with duplicating so much code is you are more likely to have to update the extension more often as there is more code that could be changed in future versions.
  15. damned's Avatar
    Ill be honest - if you are not a programer the LUA in this might be too tough. It would be too tough for me - Im no programmer - Im a hack!
    Definitely give it a go though - keeps the brain alive and healthy
  16. Minty23185Fresh's Avatar
    Thanks for the comment, damned.
    I have started looking at the lua for this; it looks daunting. Lots and lots of code to touch.
    I'm a bit gun shy after my prior blog post. I have to remedy the problem with that code first.
  17. damned's Avatar
    Baby steps! Well done. The LUA is a whole other beast!
  18. Minty23185Fresh's Avatar
    AARRGH!!!! A problem cropped up!

    I was loading up FG with my extension to play test it later today and received multiple error messages in the console. At the moment it appears to me as though this line of code in the extension.xml file is not being resolved:
    <script name="EffectManager5E" file="../../rulesets/5E/scripts/manager_effect.lua" />
    My initial supposition is: in the development environment the 5E ruleset is unpacked. In my game play environment the 5E ruleset exists as a .pak file. Lua is unable to resolve the path into a .pak file.

    I'm investigating... (a solution exists, see comments below).
    Updated June 27th, 2016 at 05:09 by Minty23185Fresh
  19. Minty23185Fresh's Avatar
    Thanks Ellspeth. I'm looking forward to you teaching me about skins and decals!
  20. Ellspeth's Avatar
    I am one of the neophytes this addresses I think. I was in the generation that parents fought allowing calculators in school (watching young people struggle at the cash register if power or programming fails makes me wonder if they should have lost that argument). I took the liberty of pasting it to a word document so I can mark it with notes and reference wherever I go.
    I strongly advocate lifetime learning, this is a chance to go back and try something my generation was just a bit behind with. Especially looking forward to how to do skins and decals for the tabletop.
    Haven't worked with it much just yet, everything to do with RPG's and Fantasy Grounds is still a huge learning curve for me, though in 2 and a half years I made massive progress, 40 years woth of material I won't live long enough to go through all of it.
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