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  1. A Neophyte Tackles the FG Extension - XML and Lua, Why?

    Most, if not all programs, when stripped down to their very essence do one thing, manipulate data. Thatís all Fantasy Grounds does: whether you are constructing a character sheet or rolling a d20 to determine surprise, FG is using your input, the data you supplied, in some predetermined process. FG uses two ďlanguagesĒ to provide extensibility. What do the two languages, XML and Lua bring to this table? XML is a standardized methodology of providing easy access to data. Lua is a methodology ...

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  2. A Neophyte Tackles the FG Extension - What is Extensibility? Why is it Important?

    One can look up ďextensibilityĒ on line and get some lengthy explanations. The concept and implementation of extensibility is complicated, but the meaning boils down to this: a principle or methodology of software design that allows for the program to be added to (extended) without having to modify the fundamental program. In other words, you can kludge things on!

    Letís take an example, the simple shovel. It is usable by many different kinds of people. Gardeners, ditch diggers, ...
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