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Myrdin Potter

  1. Getting Started Playing 5e D&D using Fantasy Grounds

    I wrote a blog where I tried to summarize what you need to do to start playing. Next up will be one on starting out as a DM.

  2. Using Fantasy Grounds with an in-person gaming group

    My new blog talks about my recent experience in hosting my normally online group in person. I recently had a "milestone" birthday and my friends came to my place to celebrate and we played in-person instead of online. It was a lot of fun and I detail out my thoughts on the experience. Includes a link to a very good option to build your own gaming table with a TV embedded into it.

  3. RPG Nostaglia

    The Kickstarter edition of the classic Runequest rules just arrived and I discuss my take on RPG nostalgia and what it means for me.

  4. In the name of the Ocelot

    My second blog that makes Fantasy Grounds as a focus. I discussion on how real and powerful role playing can be and how Fantasy Grounds helps to make the games like you were all together.

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