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  1. "Why do we fall, Sir?"


    "... So we can learn to pick ourselves up."

    I think I have died and gone to Valhalla.

    Last week I wrote about my first gaming session with more than one player. I had been so excited over the possibilities of not only having more players, but being reunited with friends. One of these friends, Will, is one of my longest time friend ... since seventh grade. I played with Jim since he was 16. I wanted everything ...
  2. First CC3+


    So after reading the Armory Forum, I was tempted to take advantage on the Campaign Cartographer sale. Bought the 3 pack ( Campaign Catrographer, Dungeon Designer and City Designer) with 2 symbols collection (including the Dungeons of Schley.)Watched two sets of videos ... but I guess the best way to learn is by making mistakes.

    I'm good at that.

    Here is my 5th attempt to get something. Tried starting on caves as that ...
  3. Before you can run ...

    This is my first blog here at the Fantasy Grounds site, but not the first time I blogged about FG. And this is certainly not the blog I had hoped for. I had dreams of success and victory.

    You see for over a year I have been playing D&D 5E on Fantasy grounds. The idea was for old friends to be able to gather and reclaim friendship. It was important to me as a good friend had just passed. We had been "Dueling DMs" in our campaigns. At his funeral we did what everybody ...
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