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  1. LordEntrails's Avatar
    I'm glad you found value in my review. I was/am frustrated myself by the lack of feedback on things. Both as a developer and a user. There are so many things out there to enhance our gaming, but its hard to know what is valuable to spend the time learning and using/implementing.

    The areas that I listed as less than ideal, doesn't mean they are bad (and I'm not sure you feel I think they are bad) but just areas that I saw room for improvement. And, as you noted, not all of them are areas that you have control over. But, I feel its important to mention them so that users get the information up front. After all, a user doesn't care why something might behave in some manner, only that it does.

    Again, just like I started these to provide feedback, I appreciate your feedback
  2. rob2e's Avatar
    ThanX Lord for the review. Your comments have inspired me to make changes and edits to make it better. I always solicit comments and suggestions from users, but when I don't hear anything, I assume no news is good news. lol

    Regarding the speeellingll errors, I wish FG had a spell check. I try. Again, until a user brings it to my attention, I probably would never know how to spell boutique.

    The layout of the links (as well as the "sold out" bits) seems unavoidable. I asked the developers why they come out that way (with extra spaces, or in the case of the "sold out"s not enough return entries, etc,) and was told, "that's how it is for now." I'm a stickler for detail and presentation, but until that gets "fixed" it will look like it does.

    Table names were named specifically for reasons of calling tables within tables. I think most FG users understand table names may duplicate. Try having all your modules open and clicking on "class". Three bards, three barbarians, etc. They're all different, but you see what I mean.

    Regarding completeness and "creativity" there can always be more information. I could have included 100 names, 100 descriptions, 100 etc., etc., and maybe I will add more. I do intend to, but the time... THE TIME! I do state clearly (in most of my creations that any DM can (should?) freely change the items (or add to them ) to suit their needs. For example, DMs may want to change the values in the item cost tables and especially the values in the % to generate an item based on rarity. I created those tables to be versatile in that way.

    Speaking to the last point on versatility, I don't recall stating that a shop was THEE limitation for any city. Of course, a city can have multiple shops. That's completely up to the DM. I just made it so a shop made sense "size-wise" for its population center. There can always be more, and perhaps even different sizes per area. We never know with D&D do we?

    ThanX again for the review.
  3. Bidmaron's Avatar
    I have found your first three highly informative and very accurate. Thanks!
  4. LordEntrails's Avatar
    After a little bit of confusion, the version on the DMsG has indeed been updated and the tables are now labeled as Rob intended.

    Keep up the good work Rob!
  5. LordEntrails's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by dulux-oz
    Wow - thanks.

    I knew I wrote good stuff (others have said so) but its nice to have been "officially reviewed" and to do so well.

    I just hope I can live up to this in the future.
    You are welcome for the review.

    I don't think the community will disagree much with the ratings. Of course, differing opinions are always welcome.
  6. rob2e's Avatar

    I appreciate the review. ThanX!

    Regarding the table labels. The current version on the DMs Guild does, in fact, have table numbers clearly marked, so users understand which table is in effect.

    ThanX again!
  7. dulux-oz's Avatar
    Wow - thanks.

    I knew I wrote good stuff (others have said so) but its nice to have been "officially reviewed" and to do so well.

    I just hope I can live up to this in the future.
  8. Seya's Avatar
    Awesome can't wait to read them.
  9. LordEntrails's Avatar
    Just finished writing up my first review and will be posting it shortly
  10. MarianDz's Avatar
    It is great idea "LordEntrails".
    And seems this your Blog is first published in our FG BLOGs section for year 2017, so it looks you starts new era. Hope soon we can read first review :)
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