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  1. FG Con Spring 2018

    You can join me for a marathon play-through of the Lairs of Lawlessness at this Spring's FG Con.

    Lairs of Lawlessness puts the player characters in the service of a young knight who is just building his first stronghold. The players help the knight battle evil forces and make his shire safe for civilization while learning for themselves the rewards and dangers of dungeon delving. The nature of the adventure makes it idea for players new to Fantasy Grounds and/or D&D 5e, but quickly ...
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    One-Shot Opportunities
  2. Must-have Resources Hiding in the Forum

    There are many wonderful things hidden in the Fantasy Grounds forum, but it seems like it takes a DC 30 Investigation check to find what you are looking for. This is an ongoing list of things I have found that I can't (FG) live without.

    • How to Automate Effects on NPCs by Zacchaeus.
      Complete Barbarian Package by Zacchaeus. Download this XML then import it as a character into your 5e campaign, all of the class abilities are coded and can be copied on to the Actions tab of your

    Updated January 31st, 2018 at 04:10 by Cailore

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    Useful Resources
  3. Welcome to the Temperate Alpine Environment, baby!

    The Fantasy Ground overlords have granted me the awesome power of an FG blog, and I intend to start abusing it immediately!

    I am going to use this space as a way to journal my creation process through building a campaign around what is possible (for me) in Fantasy Grounds and the new (for me) 5e rule set. Although I've been DMing since the late 70s, the new rules and using a VTT has me feeling completely like a beginner. I am going to keep track of all the things I find useful ...
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