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  1. Mortar's Avatar
    Hiya, I know Deron form playing in Magnatude's Iron Heroes and DLR campaigns. I was hoping to get a chance to play in Deron's current C&C campaign, but scheduling at my end royally messed with that. I have also played a session in JohnD's Kron Hills campaign. Also played in some games in 3.5/PF and Savage Worlds.
  2. taoistpunk's Avatar
    Hey there! Thanks for the review of Adventure Most Fowl! Obviously you know Deron (as do I)...have we (you and I) played in any FG games together?
  3. Minty23185Fresh's Avatar
    Congrats on Winter Eternal and Weird Wars Rome. I look forward to updates regarding their success.
  4. Talyn's Avatar
    Good deal!

    I've looked at a few themes and it seems fairly straight-forward in terms of the XML, other than XML being a pain in the butt to write and keep track of. I'm just not a graphic artist so I'd have to hit someone up to that for me, in which case I'd be out the money to pay them for their work. I'd certainly contact the actual publisher and content creators of the book I was converting to ask for their original art though, or if the artist was willing to help. Some of the PDFs have nice backgrounds that would be nice for a theme but PDFs are portrait view and monitors are landscape and without an actual artist and/or the original art, I'd just screw it up trying to stretch it out.

    Good luck with the occupational therapy!
  5. Nylanfs's Avatar
  6. andrew279's Avatar
    it's looking pretty good
  7. Minty23185Fresh's Avatar
    Personally, I love pins. My players are currently working through Princes of the Apocalypse. There are a lot of images provided in the module. I'll pin pictures, drawings, random encounter tables, whatever, to the map. I work mostly from the map as they traipse around Desserin Valley. Having things pinned to the main map allows me to keep play going at a quicker pace. I don't have to constantly, go the story board, or the copious images looking for what I want. That said, I suspect I wouldn't have wanted, WotC or Smithworks to have preplaced all of the pins I've since added, but there certainly should be locations-to-story pins.
  8. Mortar's Avatar
    Basically I started mucking about in XML because I didn't want the information I input into FG to not clutter up the story/personality/encounter tabs within a campaign. I wanted to use those solely for information on the current adventure. Exporting from FG just placed all the stuff I entered into its own module, and I didn't know of the Enhanced Library extension at that time. So I dove in and started hand creating the entire setting in XML.

    A few hiccups along the way, but I found it to be quite an enjoyable experience, and very relaxing for me overall. Since I have lots of time on my hands right now I moved right onto to the next project. It is also what got me started thinking about learning actual programming and scripting.
  9. Minty23185Fresh's Avatar
    I apologize if I missed this in your narrative... But if you're copy/pasting from a .pdf into FG objects like story line, NPCs and such, why did you need to muck around in the XML? We're there some things that had to be created in XML by hand? That sounds like a horrifying job to undertake!
  10. Mortar's Avatar
    Going to be even better since Morné and Eric want me to add the first adventure guide and the free one sheet adventure/pre-gens to it.
  11. Nylanfs's Avatar
  12. Mortar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mask_of_winter
    I really like the way you organized the module. The menu is shorter and the navigation will create less new windows that clutters the screen I think.
    That is something I have been trying achieve right from the start with this project. Hopefully I can keep the same feel up as I add in the images and set up the quick links window
  13. Mask_of_winter's Avatar
    I really like the way you organized the module. The menu is shorter and the navigation will create less new windows that clutters the screen I think.
  14. Mortar's Avatar
    This is only the beginning of my evil plan...I am going to overload Doug :P
  15. Skellan's Avatar
    Good stuff. Particularly looking forward to seeing this on FG
  16. Mortar's Avatar
    Looking back now I see where I could have written the XML better, or had set things differently to make the pages flow better. Already, some of those little tricks are already proving useful in working on Winter Eternal conversion.
  17. Nylanfs's Avatar
    Awesome! :-)
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