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  1. Project: Zombicide - Day 5

    Welcome to Day 5!

    So many components are ready, but the most important ones are the CARDS.

    Zombicide basically uses two different card types: Zombie Cards and Equipment cards, of which Wounded Cards are a subtype (they are used on the equipment slots, although they of course are not items per se).

    Let's talk about Zombie Cards first: When you draw one, you put Zombies on the board according to the highest experience level of any survivor (yes, that implies ...
  2. Project: Zombicide - Day 4

    Welcome to Day 4!

    Today it's time to populate the board with... TOKENS!

    Zombicide's appeal in part stems from all those nifty miniatures appearing on the board (My huge box of Zombicide stuff arrived this week, so I can tell from first-hand experience now ;-)). For the virtual table top that doesn't work so well.

    Fortunately Zombicide provides all the graphics you need. Once again the regular card board tokens you need to set up the missions are already ...
    Tags: tokens, zombicide
  3. Project: Zombicide - Day 3

    Welcome to Day 4!

    We now know how to put the rules into Fantasy Grounds, but that's not really what we want, is it? What we want is to play! And we want to see some visuals.

    There is a reason you call it a board game: You play it on a board. Let's get to it. Once the game is here I plan to scan the tiles in all their glory, but for now we'll take the ones coming with the Map Editor. The tiles in there are only 250x250 pixel, plus they are kind of greyed out (easily ...
  4. Project: Zombicide - Day 2

    Welcome to Day 2!

    We are still working on our rules module. Formatting a library entry with <h> for headers (XML needs you to always close tags!), <p> for paragraphs (text that is not enclosed in either of these tags will not be shown!), and the occasional <b> and <i> tags works fine for most entries.

    Lists are done with <list> tags, and then each entry being surrounded with <li> and </li>, ending the whole structure with a ...
  5. Project: Zombicide - Day 1

    Welcome to Day 1!

    Can you already hear the Zombies moan and wail out there? No? Well, that's because we are not quite there yet.

    Today we are going to start our rulebook. Why would we do that, when the rulebook is accessible online?

    For once converting it into a Fantasy Grounds module allows every player quick access to the rules, plus we can later link the different characters, skills etc. into it. Basically it's going to contain all the content the ...
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