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  1. How to use TEXTs in FG

    [I][SIZE=3]"DM's corner or something for better imagination how works texts in FG".[/SIZE][/I]


    When I was start learn how this nice software works I marks few notes about text possibilities.
    Maybe could be useful for somebody, especially if you are preparing on new adventure and need speed
    up process.

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ...
  2. Moving Monster or "Where I put this green goblins last time"

    NPCs Monster management & solutions in pictures - Tutorial.
    FG is great tool because offers many ways how to get some results.
    And now I bringing you two methods which I found by manipulating with NPCs
    for your adventure or campaigns.

    Thank you for reading 'n' seeing my pictures ;)
  3. Are BLOGs valuable source of informations?

    Blogs are the bests way how to inform wide masses of fans!
    And is very hard find sometime little time for writing and imbue them with any kind of valuable informations.

    Peoples often arguing that it is because our era increasingly speeds up and we haven't free time.
    But I think it's because peoples rely on others, [I](somebody write this informations why I?)[/I]
    and as result nobody doing it :)
    My reason is simpliest "wrong english". I'm understanding ...

    Updated September 22nd, 2016 at 11:12 by MarianDz (error in heading word iformations corrected to informations)

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