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  1. How to ... "SAVE Dice Color of your profile"

    "BASICS or something for better imagination how FG works - SAVE Dice Color of your profile for future use".

    If you want backup your Dice colour for future, then you need write somewhere in your marks value of "DiceColor"
    key from Registry. How to do it?

    Step 1: Close FG software (if running)
    Step 2: Hold Windows Key (flag key) + R
    Step 3: In opened window in row write "regedit" (without quotes of course) and hit Enter ...
  2. How to ... "Activate and share module with your players"

    "BASICS or something for better imagination how FG works - Module Activating and sharing with your players".

    FG Modules Activating, Sharing.png

    If you are new and looking for answers on questions:

    1.) I buyed module and haven't it in my library, where can I find it?
    2.) My players doesn't see player handbook (PHB), D&D Elemental Evil Player's Companion or Volo's Player guide, etc... but I can see it in my library what must I do for sharing ...
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