Dune 2d20 #2

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  5. skj310's Avatar
    @DarthSinistris FYI I typed in that entry from the PHB, formatting it to my preference ... no simply copy paste for the description ... :'(
  6. DarthSinistris's Avatar
    BLoody hell, this was supremely helpful. I don't seem to get the PHB description on mine, it just shows blank. Doesn't matter, I guess, as along as it works. Thanks a ton!11!
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  8. gnarlyplo's Avatar
    This is wonderful, thank you. Most of what I have found is a link to somewhere else that tells me to download their example character and copy what they did. I would much rather learn to do it myself. Again thank you.
  9. Diamond Geezer's Avatar
    I just created a heal effect with 1D6+4 and a 2nd line of the number of HD. So I created an effect for +1, +2, +3, HD, etc.
  10. skj310's Avatar
    I completely forgot about the 1d6+4+HD of creature .... oof! So in other words that kit i made for the condition you outline above is NOT what I have but now I need to ponder on this. Using [LVL] will mean using your characters level not your targets and as of this writing I don't know if THERE IS a way to use a target's HD, so in the end all I can say is thx for that catch!
  11. Shireling's Avatar
    So question: If the player has the Healer Feat then the healer's kit does a few other things... Stable becomes 1 HP (easy - instead of effect you do heal and you use 1 HP) but then there is the action of "Tend To" which is a more difficult effect to code that I need help with:

    I tried multiple versions of HEAL: 1d6+4+[LVL] or even as simple as HEAL: 1d6 and nothing ever gets rolled like when I have an effect that rolls DMG. How do you use the healing modifier under Effects?
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    Very good worked
  13. MarianDz's Avatar
    Once again great work "skj310"
    On picture in step 7 you can add both conditions at once (no needed create two separate action buttons) simply in description row write both ADVATK; ADVCHK this way next action of person which you helps take one of this advantages not both at once. Attack advantage ADVATK or check advantage ADVCHK. Which one
    comes first then this will be used. Please continue in writting blogs...
  14. GavinRuneblade's Avatar
    Excellent post, thank you.

    I think the most important step is actually the easiest: in your slide #2. I used to always try the "add a weapon" icon not the "add a power" icon because alchemist's fire or lesser poison or a healing potion is an item right? So it's a weapon, right? Nope. Not if you want it to work correctly. Using the weapon menu I had no option for the burn, the dc etc. That threw me off for so long before on an unrelated thing one of Zaccheus' posts showed me that I should have been using the powers.

    Anyway, great job, very clear and love the details at the end.
  15. cmilesjr's Avatar
    Awesome Great!!
  16. GunnarGreybeard's Avatar
    Just found this. Will be extremely useful in my campaigns, Thanks.
  17. Ayman Amin's Avatar
    very good
  18. kato42's Avatar
    The preparation information is very helpful, my cleric has daily powers I would like to keep track of, and was trying to figure out how to do that. Odd that the PHB doesn't do some of this stuff automatically when you drag it onto your character sheet. But knowing how to do it myself is very helpful.
  19. MarianDz's Avatar
    another nice work "skj310" this kind of explainatory "how to do this or that" in short tutorial was missing me here on FG.
    Watching vids is good but offten take more time then trying things (self) step by step following easily writen example guide.
    Thank you for it!
  20. MarianDz's Avatar
    good work " skj310" we are waiting for next
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