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  1. Reuniting: Maintaing Continuity

    Do you remember what happened a minute ago? Of course you do! Do you remember what happened three weeks ago? Maybe not the small details, right? Welcome to the continuity problem - the disconnect between the players and their characters caused by the gaps between game sessions.

    As Iíve mentioned before, sometimes itís a challenge for my group to play on a regular schedule. We strive to play ever other week, or every third at worst, but sometimes life intervenes and the
  2. Polearms!

    The 1st Edition of AD&D had tons of variations on polearms. To be fair, history has seen a lot of different versions of sharp-thing-on-a-stick, but it seemed like AD&D tried to come up with statistics for every single one of them.

    The other day I was watching a video, and for some reason it made me think of that.

    So I just had to make my own lyrics...

    Ain't no Glaive Gonna Hold My Guisarme Down

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  3. Help for the Harried DM

    Or, The Tom Sawyer Principle

    It takes a lot of work to run an RPG campaign. And all of it falls on the shoulders of the GM. Thereís nobody else the GM could even call on for help Ė or is there? Letís look at a little concept I call The Tom Sawyer Principle.

    Did you ever read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain? Early in the book, Tom skips school. As punishment, his Aunt Polly makes him paint a huge fence on Saturday, which is everyone elseís day off. Tom
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  4. Reuniting: Can I Check Your References?

    When my group started playing D&D via Fantasy Grounds, several of my players were keen to resume the old campaign rather than starting a new one. That campaign had featured several long-term storylines, and the party had gotten fairly involved in one of them. This had apparently left quite an impression on the players, and they were eager to see that story to its conclusion. I was more than happy to acquiesce to their desire, since I had always been curious about how the storyline
  5. Reunited: A Song For the Season

    Awhile back the party did a wintertime scouting mission to the Howling Hills, part of the realm of the Lich Queen. The partyís bard wrote a song about it.

    Scouting In A Winter Wonderland
    (To the tune of Walking In A Winter Wonderland)

    Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?
    An undead horse, bones a-glistening
    A horrible sight, we're frightened tonight
    Scouting in a winter wonderland

    Through the hills we are creeping
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